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Adaptive Builders
We are dedicated to construction services that promote ecological awareness. Our goal is to provide owners with high performance buildings that reduce waste, use less energy & water, and have exceptional indoor environments. We offer pre-construction and construction management for LEED Certified projects. Call us at 863.385.3812 to see how we can help.

Health Benefits
Indoor environments benefit greatly from green building. Construction methods that eliminate the use of toxic chemicals improves indoor air quality. This is accomplished not only through design, but also through application. We use construction methods and materials that reduce exposure to toxic chemicals that offgas through their life-cycle. Some examples of such materials include: adhesives and sealants, paints and coatings, carpet systems, and composite wood.

Environmental Benefits
Green Buildings address energy consumption by reducing the amount of energy required and by using more benign forms. On-site renewable energy can eliminate the need for fossil-based electricity. Electrical generation using sources other than fossil fuels reduces environmental impacts. Design, quality of construction, energy star appliances, low-e windows, and insulated doors also reduce energy consumption.

Construction waste and material consumption is addressed by recycling and reusing materials wherever possible. Also through the use of rapidly renewable materials we can minimize natural resource consumption and better match the harvest cycle of the resource with that of the building material.

Economic Benefits

Many green building measures can be incorporated with minimal or zero increased up-front costs and can yield enormous savings. We accomplish this by implementing design principals and practices specific to the building, the building site, the buildings occupant use, and the local climate. A well designed building is estimated to reduce energy use by 50% to 80%.

CGC #1514740

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Health Benefits
  • Americans spend on average 90% of their time indoors.

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor levels of pollutants may run 2 to 5 time-and occasionally more than 100 times-higher than outdoor levels.

Environmental Benefits

  • Conventional fossil-based generation of electricity for use in buildings generates one-third of the carbon dioxide and two-fifths of the acid-rain causing compounds that are released into the atmosphere each year.
  • The water deficit in the U.S. is currently estimated at about 3,700 billion gallons.

  • Construction and demolition wastes constitute about 40% of of the total solid waste stream in the United States(136 million tons annually).
  • Buildings consume 40% of raw stone, gravel, and sand, and 25% of virgin wood yearly. 

Economic Benefits

  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Increase Property Value
  • Optimize Life-Cycle